Our first month in operation

Government relations for progressive causes

Our first month in operation

Phew! It’s been a busy first month for us at Progress Up Consulting. Here are some of the highlights of what we’ve done with our partners:

  • Prepare materials for leave-behind packets and help train advocates for a 500-person strong grassroots advocacy day on Capitol Hill.
  • Arrange 70 meetings with Members of Congress and their staff
  • Publish four policy-related articles analyzing 1) the historic vote by Congress to invoke the War Power Act to end US complicity in Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen; 2) GOP efforts to portray Democrats as supportive of boycotting Israel; 3) a UN report documenting war crimes committed by Israeli forces against Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip, and; 4) a unique appearance by Ahmed Abu Artema, the founder of the Gaza-based Great March of Return, at a DC think tank.

Now that we’re up and running, we’ve got big plans to expand our work in May and beyond, and partner with additional progressive organizations to build their policy agendas, communicate effectively with Congress, and change policy for the better.

We would appreciate the opportunity to partner with your organization. Contact us today so that we can talk about your organization’s goals and how we can partner to achieve them.


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