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Government relations for progressive causes

Our Approach

We are a full-service government relations consulting firm that is passionately committed to partnering with your progressive organization to produce policy outcomes rooted in justice, equality, and democracy. We share your commitment to social justice. Let’s work together to build your organization’s capacity to change policy.

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Our Team

Josh Ruebner is Senior Principal at Progress Up Consulting

Josh has two decades of experience as an analyst for Congressional Research Service and as a policy director for a national nonprofit working on progressive foreign policy issues.  In those roles, Josh learned the ins-and-outs of Capitol Hill and how to best communicate with Congress to create policy change. 

Josh has written dozens of high-impact policy papers, is the author of two acclaimed books on policy issues, has written policy-related op-eds in publications such as The Hill, USA Today, and The Los Angeles Times, and discussed policy issues on TV channels such as C-SPAN, ABC, and NBC. 

Josh Ruebner

Senior Principal

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